Why aBoard?

Réunion entre collègues
Before the meeting

Prepare agenda

Be efficient by setting up a clear agenda.

Set timing

Decide on start time and date, as well as the timing for the meeting.

Define participants

Define who is needed for the meeting.

One click invite

Start a meeting in a few seconds with our one-click invitations.

équipe marketing réunion
During the meeting

Easy voice, chat & video

You can easily interact with colleagues or partners.

Stick to timing

Helped by the interactive timeline, stay on track and stick to the timing.

Review docs

Review relevant data or documents together.

Assign actions points

Allocate actions and record your ideas.

After the meeting

One-click minutes

aBoard automatically generates meeting minutes including agreed actions points. 

Review outcomes

Park items not relevant to the discussion and define concrete outcomes.

Continue discussions

Review previous meeting notes or action points via our dashboard or pursue the discussion.

Prepare next meeting

Start again !

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Easy voice & chat

Voice & chat v2.gif

Assign actions points

Assign action point.gif

One-click minute

Meeting editor.png

Review docs with participants

Shared docs.gif

Share action points

Easily share action points.gif

Annotate documents

Notes on docs.gif