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Did we take any decision in our meeting? Yes. To organise a new meeting

“- Did we take any decision in our meeting of today ? Yes. To organise a new meeting”.

Sounds familiar?

If this is the only decision that was effectively taken during your last meeting, then you might have found your meeting unproductive. Not all meetings can result in one or more decisions, you sometimes need several information meetings before been able to run a decision making meeting.

However effective meetings produce a tangible outcome. Most of the time, the issue is that tangible outcomes are not fully or properly recorded. People can’t remember if any decision was taken, or worse, you spend another meeting talking about the decision that was supposed to be made previously, but people can’t remember or agree anymore.

What should you do to make sure decisions are taken, recorded, and not argued later ?

- Record decisions during meeting and differentiate them from meeting notes - Make clear who was part of the decision - Share decisions in meeting minutes.

And a good meeting facilitator can help you. How ?

He will control the meeting, to better focus on the topics discussed and avoid unnecessary talks. He will also record meeting notes and differentiate the one which are tangible actions. Finally, he will remind everyone of the different decisions taken during the meeting.

So avoid meetings without having clear outcomes. You will avoid meetings that are a waste of time.

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