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How to run effective meetings By Jennifer Phillips.

Five principles for getting more done as a team

Understanding how to host effective meetings is likely one of the most important skills employees at all levels need to learn to thrive at work. And yet, according to online meeting provider Fuze, ineffective meetings waste an estimated $37 billion a year. A recent study in the Journal of Organizational Behavior found that, while wasting time is typically unacceptable in all other aspects of business life, “in the case of meetings, wasted time seems to be an accepted norm.” 

Meetings have earned a terrible reputation as a time suck, and it’s no wonder. Most people tend to default to using meetings for one purpose: to share information. While that can be essential sometimes, in reality, a truly effective meeting is one that helps a team move work forward in a meaningful way—whether by gathering attendees to come to a decision, brainstorm new ideas, or workshop a solution to a problem.

Learning how to run effective meetings is not only a boon for productivity, but good meetings also inspire greater team collaboration which can have a direct effect on the overall happiness of workers.

Here are five strategies for running more effective, and hopefully more enjoyable, meetings.

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