Is meeting freestyle a good practice?!

How many times are you joining a meeting without knowing what will be discussed?

Can you imagine how many hours of productivity are lost every day because the wrong people are invited to unprepared meetings?

Never had that feeling you should not be in the room or in this endless conference call?

Let’s take an example: 8 employees having in average 8 meetings a week. What if they save 10% of their meeting time? 6700€ a year!

Taking a bit of time to think upfront about the list of points you need to address is critical for your business but also a matter of respect for your colleagues.

It also gives your attendees the opportunity to prepare some material, collect data or review a document upfront.

Everybody knows it, it’s a typical lesson learned of every “how to conduct an efficient meeting” guide.

So, the question remains: “why isn’t it applied everywhere?”

Here is the answer:

We run around all day, from one meeting to another, tackling the most urgent things, reading the latest customer email.

How could we stop it?

Could you reverse the trend?

Yes you can, but it requires time and energy to embrace the right skills to run an efficient meeting.

@aBoard we are providing a free online tool to help you reaching that goal, have a look here:

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