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Meet Johan, the meeting man !

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

"Hello, I am Johan, IT project manager for more than 15 years. I attend about 60 meetings a month for managing my projects. What is the most challenging aspect for me is to keep meetings to time, given constant deviations of the discussions to disrupting topics."

Sounds familiar ? Most of challenges in meetings are described as the following by Johan:

- Constant deviations from planned discussion.

- The right decision makers do not always show up.

- Preparation prior to meetings, i.e. creating agenda, identifying outcomes.

- Share & review documents.

- Communicating with and involving all meeting attendees.

- Take notes in meetings to record key decisions and actions.

"I would be glad to have a meeting facilitator which could help me reach my goals” says Johan: -This meeting facilitator would help me to keep the meeting to time, review documents with participants, assign automatically action points. Finally, I would be able to generate meeting minutes and share action points in 1 click. All this with easy voice and chat".

Now Meet aBoard, your servant leader in meetings.

Every meeting needs a facilitator, someone to help participants stay involved, to lead discussions, to stay focused on the agenda, to keep time and to take notes. Test it now for free: https://beta.aboard.one/demo

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