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What is a meeting facilitator ?

By definition, facilitating means “to make easier or less difficult; help forward.”

So, it's the meeting facilitator's role to guide the group through an effective process, without influencing the decisions.

As per the definition of co2partners.com, the meeting facilitator is in charge of facilitating the flow of the meeting, to make sure it runs smoothly and covers the main agenda items.

A good facilitator will make sure everyone listens, stays on topic with the agenda, knows their roles, and feels included in the process.

Here are the key facilitation tasks:

  • Help the group plan the meeting agenda.

  • Keep the meeting to time.

  • Keep the group to the agenda.

  • Keep the meeting focussed on one item at a time.

  • Help everyone to participate.

  • Keep track of who wants to speak.

  • Get clear decisions made.

  • Ensure that action points and decisions are recorded.

  • Share minutes of the meeting

Every meeting usually needs a meeting facilitator, someone to help participants stay involved, to lead discussions, and to identify and solve problems.

This is why we have created aBoard, your virtual facilitator to achieve meeting excellence. Test for free on aboard.one !

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