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How to / FAQ

How to log in?

Once your account is created, you can log in to the main page: To log in, there are 2 options:

  • you select one of the external identity providers (Google or Facebook)
  • you use your e-mail address as login and create a new password
Forgot your password? Don't worry, click on the "I forgot my password" text and you will receive an email to reset your password.

How does the meeting minutes report look like?

The generated report contains all the information related to the meeting. As illustrated below, the following details are available:

  • meeting purpose

  • meeting start date / date of the report generation

  • meeting owner & participants

  • agenda points

The "Detailed minutes" part summarizes all THE information shared during the meeting in its chronological order. Notes, decisions, actions and parking points are listed under the agenda point based on the discussion. After that block, all messages that were dropped to the table are summarized by category:
  • Action points (and its owner)
  • Decisions
  • Parking (and the person who mentioned it)
  • Meeting notes
  • Share files (with hyperlinks)

How to access my previous meetings?

Once you are connected, your avatar icon on the top right of the screen hides a personal menu (see below): If you go back to the meeting creation screen, the list of your meetings will be displayed. Right part of the screen in this illustration: The list contains all the previous meetings you organized (sorted by date). When selecting a meeting, a pop-up menu will appear: Further information on those options can be found in other FAQs

How to edit messages that were dragged and dropped to the table?

When a message is dragged and dropped to the table, users see the original message. However, if you want to update the original message, click on it to enter the “edit” mode (see illustration below). Once the message has been updated, simply press “ENTER” on your keyboard. NB: the original text in the chat window will not be affected by this change.

How to share the meeting minutes?

Once the minutes are generated (the "Finish" button is only available for the person organizing the meeting), the following options are possible (at the bottom of the report): When the user clicks on the "SEND" button, the meeting minutes are sent to all the participants. Each of them will also receive the summary of his/her action points. The "SAVE" option allows you to update or review the minute later on WITHOUT sending the meeting minutes.

Is there an App? Is the aBoard appplication responsive?

o and Yes! There is no (not yet) a dedicated mobile application. Still, the interface is natively responsive and adapted to both Android & iOS. To ensure and adapted and usefule experience, the layout is quite different (see illustration). Here are the main differences with the desktop version:

  • avatars are not displayed
  • the table areas (notes, action points,...) are above each other
  • the chat window is below the table
  • messages can not be "drag-and-drop" on the table. If you need to highlight an message, simply "tap" on the message and the pop-up menu will appear.

Can I drop multiple times the same message on the table?

Yes! Messages can even be dropped in the same area (notes, action points,...) When there are dropped in different areas, all related icons are showned in the original message (see illustration):

How to add, delete or reorder agenda points?

The agenda points are displayed on the top left hand side of the table: Even though it is set during the meeting preparation phase, it is still possible to update it once the meeting is started. The possibilities are:

  • add an new agenda point: click on the " add an action point" below the list (see illustration 2). Type in the additional point and click on "enter"​
  • delete a point: when hovering over a point (tap on mobile), it is highlighted (see illustration 3) and the delete option (trash icon) appears. Click on it to delete the point.
  • reorder a point: agenda points can also be reorganized. Once an item is highlighted, drag and drop it on the position you want it to have:

How can I search in the chat room?

Unfortunately, no! The search bar is visible on top of the chat window (see illlustration): Due to some technical reasons, it is not implemented yet, we'll keep you posted when it's released.

I can't hear anything although I enabled the audio

The main reason why the audio is not active is because of your network configuration. You need to check whether the following ports are authorized:

  • TCP ports: 80, 443, 3433, 5668, 5669, 5866 to 5890, 6080, 6443, 8667, and 9667.
  • UDP ports: 3478 and 10000 to 65535.
This domain also needs to be whitelisted: domain:

The attendees did not receive the invitations, what can I do?

Importante notice: every invitation is unique, the attendees (nor the organizer) can't share their invitation link with other participants. Obviously, the first thing to control is whether the mail has not been considered as Spam. If the mail can't be found, you can send a new invitation. When clicking on the attendee's avatar, a pop-up menu appears: By clicking on "Send invitation email", the attendee will receive instantly a new email invitation.

How do I create the meeting minute?

The organizer sees at the bottom of his screen the "Finish" button: Once clicked, the meeting minute appears on the screen of all participants: It allows you to do a final review (and updates) of the minute with the participants. When ready, simply click on "SEND". Once the organizer has clicked on it, the meeting is over. While the report is being generated, every user will see the meeting closure screen showing some summary information: list of participants, their attendance, time statistics,...

What are the options when a file is presented?

Starting from the left, the two first icons allow you to rotate the report 90 degrees left or right. The page width icon allows every participant to modify the width of his/her own page. The "left" & "right" icons navigate back or forward through the document."Page counter" input field allows to navigate to a specific page (if more than 1 is available). The "download" icon allows the participant to download the PDF version of the report.


Chat window (features, colors, icons,....)

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